Moms-The Greatest Superheroes Ever!

In a world where there’s a different superhero for every year’s summer blockbuster movie, you may have overlooked the greatest superhero of all time!! No, it’s not Antman, Aquaman, or Thor. It’s [...]

The Mental Health of Our Kids

The Mental Health of Our Kids Over the past several years, our kids have largely been “removed” from their lives.  Although we’re grateful for the slow pace and the one-on-one time, there is [...]

Fall Back, Spring Forward!

Fall Back, Spring Forward!  The time that SO many people look forward to is nearly here!! Time to turn the clocks forward!! True, they don’t like losing an hour of sleep, but they LOVE having the [...]

What Does Preventative Care Mean?

Most Are Used to “Sick Care” Maybe you’ve noticed, there’s a huge problem in the US with our healthcare. All too often, we tend to prioritize “sick care.” Sick care is when the public isn’t so [...]


For over 100 years Doctors of Chiropractic have said that subluxation causes the body to lose its ability to adapt to the environment and that adjustments restore the bodies natural ability to [...]


Long Term Remission and Alleviation of Symptoms in Allergy and Crohn’s Disease Patients Following Spinal Adjustment for Reduction of Vertebral Subluxations Background: An association between [...]


An Impairment Rating Analysis Of Asthmatic Children Under Chiropractic Care A self-reported asthma-related impairment study was conducted on 81 children under chiropractic care. The intent of [...]


Chiropractic treatment has transformed the life of Max Willson and his parents. Christina Hopkinson reports Quentin Willson is not an obvious advocate of alternative medicine. This is the man, [...]

Back Pain

Chronic spinal pain – a randomized clinical trial comparing medication, acupuncture and spinal manipulation. Giles LGF, Muller R. Spine 2003;28:1490-1503. Three groups of patients with back pain [...]

Blood Pressure

Latest findings show Chiropractic can help reduce blood pressure More than 3.6 million Australians over the age of 25 have high blood pressure or are on medication for the condition, but findings [...]

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Today just about everyone can be affected, but particularly people involved in occupations or leisure activities that require repetitive use of the hands and wrists (i.e., office, skilled labor [...]


The National Health Service in Ballerup (Copenhagen, Denmark) conducted a study involving 50 infants with diagnoses infantile colic. Half of the group was given the drug dimethicon while the [...]

Digestive Problems

Researchers Discover Possible Link Between Crohn’s Disease and Spinal Problems According to a recent study, researchers in Japan say there is a possible link between Crohn’s disease and [...]

Ear Infections

In the October 1998 issue of the Ladies Home Journal appeared an article entitled, “Chiropractic Adjustments for Chronic Ear Infections.” This article reviewed several studies showing the [...]


What is FMS according to medical science? FMS is a chronic (i.e. long standing) condition. The patient has muscular pain and tenderness throughout the body and frequently other symptoms like [...]


CHIROPRACTIC STUDIES Headaches Helped by Chiropractic Says Research In the September 2001 issue of the Journal of Manipulative and Physio logical Therapeutics was a report on the effectiveness of [...]


Chiropractic HIV and AIDS The goal of chiropractic care is to free patients from vertebral subluxations, a serious interference to life and health. Releasing subluxations permits the body to work [...]

Immune System

Enhanced Phagocytic Cell respiratory Burst Induced by Spinal Manipulation. JMPT 1991:14:399-408. This study was designed to measure the effect that a Chiropractic adjustment has on the immune [...]

Leg Length

Purpose: To determine if there is an association between a test commonly used by chiropractors as a sign of subluxation/joint dysfunction – supine leg length alignment (LLA) asymmetry – and [...]


Successful In Vitro Fertilization in a Poor Responder While Under Network Spinal Analysis Care: A Case Report Senzon SA, J Vertebral Subluxation Research September 14, 2003, pp 1-6. This case [...]

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