“Michael Michael Motorcycle”

It’s hard to know how or when this expression began, but it’s NOT hard to figure out why they used “motorcycle” instead of any other kind of cycle. For example, Michael Michael unicycle does use [...]

The Bigness of Vitalism

The nervous system is at the interface between spirit and matter The physical manifest of Consciousness is the Nervous System, providing order so that we can be self-maintaining, self-healing, [...]

Moms-The Greatest Superheroes Ever!

In a world where there’s a different superhero for every year’s summer blockbuster movie, you may have overlooked the greatest superhero of all time!! No, it’s not Antman, Aquaman, or Thor. It’s [...]

The Mental Health of Our Kids

The Mental Health of Our Kids Over the past several years, our kids have largely been “removed” from their lives.  Although we’re grateful for the slow pace and the one-on-one time, there is [...]

Fall Back, Spring Forward!

Fall Back, Spring Forward!  The time that SO many people look forward to is nearly here!! Time to turn the clocks forward!! True, they don’t like losing an hour of sleep, but they LOVE having the [...]