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Pregnancy can be an overwhelming experience for any woman, especially if it’s a first go- around.

You’ll have days of pure joy and excitement to meet your new baby. You’ll also have days where your mind wanders and thinks about the things that can go wrong. Some days you’ll be nauseated and struggle to get up from the bed. These days can be shaky and make you nervous.

Wanna know a secret that sounds a little silly (albeit TRUE) to admit out loud? You and your thoughts are in control throughout the pregnancy and birth. Yes, your thoughts! If you feel anxious often while pregnant, read aloud these reminders. They will help you stay grounded, reaffirm your strengths, and ultimately lead to a healthy birth.

Thinking about positive things and reminding yourself of positive birth affirmations on a daily basis can prepare your mind to cope with the feelings of worry and anxiety that are bound to arise. Unchecked negative emotions and thoughts can lead to real harm, in the form of depression and stress. Positive affirmations counteract that by regulating your nervous system, rewiring your physiology, and allowing you to enjoy your pregnancy.

Affirmations During Pregnancy

These affirmations are most effective when read aloud.

Repeat after me:


1. Everything I need to take care of this baby is already within me.

2. There’s beauty in the growth of my belly and the rest of my body. My baby is getting healthier and stronger!

3. My baby is in the perfect position to come to the world healthily and smoothly.

4. I will cherish every little toe, finger, bone, facial expression, and more.

5. I can endure anything, and I will endure anything that comes my way.

6. I was chosen to be the mother of this child, and I am good enough to care for her.

7. My baby is developing normally and will be born healthy, whole, safe, and at the perfect time.

8. My baby knows how and when to be born, and I will patiently wait for her arrival.

9. I allow myself to see the beauty and joy in my pregnancy.

10.I want to enjoy this precious time with my baby and to be empowered by all it brings.

I trust my body to help guide my baby into this world and into the safety of my arms.

Affirmations During Birth

These affirmations are most effective when read aloud.

Repeat after me:

1. Today I get to hold my baby.

2. I am made for this.

3. I can make it through this.

4. I am going to have a healthy and happy baby.

5. I trust my body. My body knows what to do.

6. My body knows how to birth my baby.

7. I breathe with each wave and flow with it.

8. Open, surrender. Open, surrender.

9. I trust my body. I trust my baby. I trust my birth.

10. I am already a great mother.

Your Beautiful Birth Vision

By Care Messer

A clear picture or “vision” of what you’d like your baby’s birth to be is the best way to set yourself up for success in achieving those results. I think we all start off with the idea that we “just want a healthy baby at the end of the day” and “if I can avoid a c-section that would be great.” Some women stop right there and turn it all over to the medical authorities to make that happen. For some women it works and for other women they have some regrets or even a “not so positive” birth experience. So let’s revisit something.

This is not about you, it’s about your baby. It’s their birth. What would make it great for them?

Sometimes we have to work the formula backward to get the results we want. Sit back comfortably and picture this…

Your baby has just been placed on your chest for the first time. Birth is over and you let out a deep sigh of relief. Looking down, you see this tiny wet head and wiggling body underneath your hands. Does your baby have hair? Is it light or dark, curly or straight? Take a deep breath and smell their head—what does your baby smell like? Fresh

like rain, or warm vanilla cupcakes? You kiss that head and say a few words—what are the first words you say to your baby?

Notice how that little bum fits in your hand. Ten fingers, ten toes, and beautiful soft skin. What does your partner’s face look like while looking down at their baby for the first time? Is baby looking back at them? What does that picture look like in your mind’s eye? You pull your baby up and over to the side so you can see their face too. Whose nose do they have?

Look at those full lips and rosy cheeks. What feelings are beginning to emerge in your body and where do you feel the feelings in your body? In your heart? Your throat or your stomach? Your baby is here and you are finally meeting face to face. Can you feel the love, joy, and relief in the room? Are you overwhelmed with relief and happiness? Breathe in these feelings now and pull them down into your heart.

Notice that you weren’t picturing the hospital room, the docs, or midwives. You weren’t seeing the nurses or your parents in the corner. Nor were you picturing if baby came out the front door (vagina) or the side door (belly). It was just you, your baby, and pure, gentle love. Now is the time to invest in that vision and those feelings, which is how we go about creating a beautiful birth.

—Ashley Gonzales, DC Appearing in Pathways to Family Wellness Magazine Issue #74